Dive Training


Open Water Diver – The entry level course :

ow_cardUpon successful completion of the course, students would be certified to dive anywhere in the world without the supervision of  an instructor to the depth of 20 meters.


The course consists of 4 diving days, during which the students would acquire all the skills related to the usage of the equipment, movement under the water and safety procedures.


There will be also 5 theory lessons which are :

1.    the scuba equipment
2.    diving physics
3.    diving physiology
4.    dive planning
5.    the underwater environment.

*Basic swimming skills are required.

Schedule & location:


The time is flexible and I can adjust it according to the groups needs and requests,
But normally it would be done over 2 weekends.



The first day would be held in a swimming pool in Nan Gang area, Taipei.
The 3 remaining days would be in a place next to Keelung called Long Dong (龍洞)
The theory classes would be held in a dive center in Gong Guan (公館), unless there’s a
Request to hold it in other place.



Cost – the price is 12,000 NT and that includes insurance, certification, a student book,
dive tables, and equipment during the course.
In addition there will be pictures that shot during the course and will be giving to the students without charge.


Advance Open Water :


This is the continuation of the Open Water Certification , and is meant to provide the students with
more confidence, skills, control over the dive, knowledge & understanding of the underwater world.
Upon successful completion of the course, the students would be certified to dive to 30 meters.


There will be 2 diving days with 5 variety of specialty dives :

  • Deep diving (30 Meters)
  • Navigation dive
  • Night/limited visibility
  • Wreck dive
  • Boat dive

* you must be a certified Open Water Diver.

Schedule & Location:

There will be briefing and theory sessions before each dive, and the dive will be in kenting, keelung, green island, according to what the group forms.


Cost :

The cost is 8,500 NT and that includes the certification, and a student kit. (equipment and insurance during the course aren’t provided)



*Nitrox, Rescue Diver and Dive Master courses offered upon request.

*All dive training is being held in Taiwan.